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Go to the Czech Republic via UNO's Exchange Program with Czech Technical University!

Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague is one of the oldest technical universities in the world, and the most important technical university in the Czech Republic. CTU conducts research in multiple disciplines including mathematics, physics, computer science, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, nuclear and physical engineering, architecture, transportation science, and many interdisciplinary areas as well.

CTU was founded in 1717, when Emperor Charles VI established the Institute of Engineering Education. In 1806, the Institute was transformed into Prague Polytechnic, modeling I'Ecole Polytechnique de Paris, and became the only school of higher technical education in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Many people famous for their work in the sciences worked and taught at Prague Polytechnic.

In 1863, Prague Polytechnic was transformed into a technical university with studies in four specializations: mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemistry, and architecture. It was in 1920 that the name of the school was changed to the Czech Technical University in Prague.

The emphasis in all of the educational and research activities conducted at CTU is on international co-operation. CTU has entered into written agreements with more than 60 universities in Europe, the USA and other countries for the specific purpose of promoting cooperation in education and research. Make sure to check out their survival guide for additional information on going to school at Czech Tech.

Academic Calendar:

The academic year comprises two semesters each consisting of 14 weeks of courses followed by a four-week examination period. The beginning of the academic year is usually at the end of September and the summer semester usually starts in February.

Housing & Meals:

UNO's agreement with Czech Tech no longer includes a housing/meal exchange. Students pay for housing of their choice at Czech Tech. The CTU International Office offers support in finding accommodation.

Note: Knowledge of Czech is not required. A wide range of courses is offered in English, though visiting students may study in Czech language.

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