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To meet challenges of a rapidly changing professional world, the Fachhochschule Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences (FH-Osnabrück) has developed a comprehensive study program that is unique, interdisciplinary, and international. The many areas of specialization invite students to develop an individual study profile. The combination of practice-oriented and modern academic education allows students to acquire different methods and skills. The variety of degree programs offered by Fh-Osnabrück answers the changes that have been taking place in the job market. Fh-Osnabrück double-degree programs with European partners as well as international programs give Fh-Osnabrück students a competitive edge on the job market.

For its international students, the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück offers special services. These comprise not only support in finding accommodation and an orientation program at the beginning of the semester, but also intercultural workshops and German language courses. Furthermore, special tutors offer guidance and support to their international fellow students and invite them to take part in JOIN OS, the Joint Cultural Program for International Students in Osnabrück.

House in Osnabrück Old City

Osnabrück, known as "The City of Peace," is located in the southern part of the German state of Niedersachsen. With nearly 165,000 inhabitants, Osnabrück offers the conveniences of a large city while having the character of a small town. Founded in 780 by Charlemagne, Osnabrück became a trading center and an important city in the region of Westfalen. Osnabrück is perhaps best known as the City of Peace because the Peace of Westphalia was negotiated and signed there in 1648. This treaty ended the Thirty Years War, and is one of the foundations of modern Europe. Osnabrück is also noted for the witch hunts that occurred in the city between 1561 and 1639, when thousands of people were executed for sorcery.

Osnabrück is full of architectural monuments, the most famous is the Friedensaal, the place where the Peace of Westphalia was signed in the Osnabrück Rathaus (City Hall). Another monument is the Bucksturm, the oldest fortification in the city and prison for witches.

Osnabrück is an important center of learning and culture. The Gymnasium Carolinum was founded in 804 by Charlemagne and is one of the oldest schools in Europe. Erich Maria Remarque, author of "All Quiet on the Western Front," was born in Osnabrück. The surrealist painter Felix Nussbaum, who was killed in the Holocaust, was also born in Osnabrück. The Nussbaum Haus Museum in Osnabrück is an architectural masterpiece which houses many of Nussbaum's works.

Osnabrück is a transportation center well connected by road, rail and air to the rest of Europe. It is an ideal location for those who wish to explore Europe. Osnabrück is an important rail station for travelers from the Netherlands, and Scandinavia, who must often change trains there. The German Railways has several trains a day going to destinations all over Germany and western Europe from Osnabrück. (Deutsches Bahn Website). The Münster-Osnabrück International AIrport (FMO), located just 30 minutes by rail from the main train station in Osnabrück had nearly 1.5 million passengers every year. FMO offers daily flights to destinations all over Europe, North Africa, and the MIddle East, as well as convenient connections on major airlines to destinations all over the world. For more information go to: Münster-Osnabrück International Airport

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UNO ISEP Exchange: The regular International Exchange students can go for one semester or for a full academic year. The exchange agreement between UNO and Fh-Osnabrück allows students to pay tuition at their home institution but they must pay all other expenses, such as housing, transportation, insurance, meals, etc.UNO students at the Fh-Osnabrück must pay a "Semester Fee" of approximately €200 every semester they are at Fh-Osnabrück. The Semester Fee pays for a variety of services for students, including Internet access and a rail pass good for local trains and public transportation in the German state of Niedersachsen.

Please keep in mind that the German academic calendar does not coincide with that of UNO, so those students wishing to study abroad for only one semester may find it beneficial to attend the "summer" semester in Germany. The winter semester starts October 1 and finishes at the end of February with a break for Christmas. The summer semester starts April 1 and ends the beginning of July.

Note: While Fh-Osnabrück offers courses in English, mostly in business, fluency in German will increase the availability of courses. Without enough language skills students will be restricted to classes within special programs, or to a small number of courses offered in English. German language courses are offered in all levels and will be credited by Fh-Osnabrück yet may not be included in the exchange program.

Courses: UNO students with an interest in business management, social sciences, and engineering will find many course options through our exchange partnership with Fh-Osnabrück. Click here for more information on courses.



Accommodation: UNO students on exchange at Fh-Osnabrück are given priority for rooms in one of the university's residency halls. Students are responsible for making their own living arrangements while in Osnabrück and the cost of these arrangements are borne solely by the student on the exchange. The cost for student housing in Osnabrück is approximately €150-€4000 per month. The estimated cost of living for a student in Germany is €680/month (about $900). This includes housing, food, transportation and recreation. More information on availability and the type of housing offered, as well as application forms, can be found at: Studentenwerk Osnabrück.


Osnabrück Schloß (Palace) and Garden


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