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Philipps-Universität Marburg, also known as Marburg University, is the oldest Protestant university in the world. Founded in 1527, Philipps is considered one of the five "classic" university towns of Germany. Located in picturesque central Germany, close to Frankfurt., Philipps is noted for a history of academic excellence, with 9 Nobel prizes given to faculty and students. The university has 17 departments that offer a wide range of subjects in the natural sciences and liberal arts, including the world's first chemistry department founded in 1609. Currently more than 12% of the 19,000 students are of foreign nationality.

The University is an integral part of the scenic town of Marburg situated on the Lahn River 60 miles north of Frankfurt.

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UNO ISEP Exchange: The regular International Exchange students can go for one semester or for a full academic year. The exchange agreement between UNO and Philipps-Universität allows students to pay tuition at their home institution but they have pay for housing to Philipps-Universität. For the period of the stay, the university guarantees the student a single room in one of their residency halls (students pay Philipps-Universität for housing, which is approximately 200 Euros per month). The deadline to apply is December 31 for the summer semester and June 30 for the winter semester. The 2008 summer semester starts March 31 and ends July 8.

Courses: Students have to meet the minimum German language proficiency requirement. Fluency in German will increase the availability of courses. Without enough language skills students will be restricted to classes within special programs, or to a small number of courses offered in English. German language courses are offered in all levels and will be credited by the Philipps-Universität yet may not be included in the exchange program.

English Language Courses in Marburg

Marburg offers English languages undergraduate courses in various areas each semester such as:

American Literature
English Literature and British Studies
Peace and Conflict Studies

International Undergraduate Study Program (IUSP)

Students can also participate in IUSP, the International Undergraduate Study Program. This program is for students who speak little or no German at all. An intensive German language course with a total of 120 hours is an essential part of this program. Participants are encouraged to attend regular university lectures in German in order to become acquainted with their sound and structure, and to get to know German students. The intensive language courses, together with a course on German culture and history, will be held during the six weeks prior to the start of the regular semester at the University of Marburg.

IUSP students may choose up to two seminars from a multi-disciplinary offering from the university’s regular course catalogue. IUSP classes are a mixture of IUSP students, and non-IUSP students. These classes, generally done in English, are supported by weekly tutorials in English. Students will be able to be tested and attain credit for coursework in English.

Please consult the IUSP website for program dates, and course offerings.


UNO students participating in IUSP are given priority for rooms in one of the university's residency halls. There is a fee of €2500 which covers not only housing, but also a train pass good for the entire state of Hessen (which includes Frankfurt), a meal subsidy, participation in cultural events, and more.

Those who wish to study at the University of Marburg but do not want to participate through IUSP are also guaranteed a room at one of the dormitories, but are responsible for living costs themselves.

The estimated cost of living for a student in Germany is €680/month (about $900). This includes housing, food, transportation and recreation.

More information on availability and the type of housing offered, as well as application forms, can be found here.

Hessen International Summer University (ISU)

Hessen International Summer University is a summer study abroad program designed to appeal to international students. Traditionally, the Marburg ISU focuses on the cultural, political and economic role Germany plays in the European Union. Along with lectures in English, Russian, and German, ISU includes an intensive German language course, as well as a cultural program. The ISU fee of €1900 includes: two seminars,the language course, accommodation in a single room in a student dorm, cultural program, evening events, and a €50 meal subsidy. Marburg offers a discount for students who register early. For more details about the ISU program, please consult the Marburg ISU website.


Famous Marburg Faculty

Emil von Behring
Nobel Prize in Medicine 1901

Fredinand Braun
Nobel Prize in Physics 1909

Robert Bunsen
Inventor of the Bunsen Burner

Adolf Butenandt
Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1939

Hans Fischer
Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1930

Otto Hahn
Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1944
Founding president, Max Planck Society 

Martin Heiddegger

Martin Luther
Protestant Theologian

Alfred Wegener
Continental Drift Theorist

Georg Wittig
Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1979

Karl Ziegler
Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1963

Famous Marburg Students

Hannah Arendt
Political Theorist

T.S. Eliot
Author and Nobel Prize Literature 1948

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
The Brothers Grimm

Wilhelm Liebknecht

Mikhail Lomonosov

José Ortega y Gasset

Boris Pasternak
Author, nominated for Nobel Prize in Literature 1958

Ernst Reuter
Mayor of West Berlin

Wilhelm Röpke

Heinrich Schütz

Friedrich Carl von Savigny

Leo Strauss
Political Philosopher

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