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The Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main University of Applied Sciences (Fh-Frankfurt) offers practice-oriented study programs of a high academic standard, opening the way to a broad range of attractive professions. Fh-Frankfurt's international orientation smoothes the way to the global job market: it offers not only a wide range of language courses and language learning levels, but it has partnerships with 60 universities worldwide. Most Fh-Frankfurt students now graduate with a Bachelor or Master degree, in conformity with international standards.

The four faculties (main areas of study) and over 30 study programs reflect the stellar academic profile of Fh-Frankfurt. The broad range of study programs is continually supplemented and extended to include a range of future-oriented subjects. The application-oriented research gears education to the realities of professional life. The goal of Fh-Frankfurt is to provide a top academic quality education which is at the same time practice- and application-oriented. To fulfil these standards, key qualifications such as team competence and work techniques are an integral part of studies. Responsibility for the individual, society, and environment are constantly considered.

The 650 full-time and part-time teaching staff of Fh-Frankfurt is equipped with the relevant professional experience that guarantees students receive a top quality academic and practice-oriented training. Over 220 administrative staff members provide advisory and care services tailored to the needs of the individual and ensure optimal conditions for a successful and rapidly completed course of studies.

Lecture halls, seminar rooms, laboratories, all supported by modern media and technical equipment, and a library with a large collection of books and periodicals provide valuable support for students. Internet access is offered via wireless LAN providing for flexibility for students. The campus with its facilities and cultural activities, contributes to an excellent study atmosphere. Fh-frankfurt also offers a well designed student restaurant, and cozy cafés. The wide range of sports available, mostly free of charge is also unique to Germany.

Read this practical guide for international student exchange programs. To read a full list of all courses taught in English click here . To view a full list of English taught degree programs please click here. German courses available to international students are enlisted here. You can learn more about the application process by clicking here.

Over 8,000 young men and women from more than 100 nations have come to value Fh-Frankfurt as a place to study successfully, to become experts on today`s world while studying for the future. Links with industries mainly focus on research and development projects and on industry placements for our students. Many students do their final thesis together with companies. Professors normally keep excellent relationships to companies. For example, Fh-Frankfurt maintains partnership agreements with the Frankfurt City Council, the Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce, and with companies like SIEMENS and the Frankfurt airport company FRAPORT.

Statue of Justice in front of the Römer in Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main is without question one of Europe's most important and cosmopolitan cities. Frankfurt is classified as an Alpha world city and it is the lynchpin of the European economy, travel, and industry. One in three residents of Frankfurt hold non-German passports, giving Frankfurt an international flare.

The city is home to the European Central Bank, which is the home of the Eurozone, the 16 nations that use the Euro as their currency. The Deutsche Bundesbank, the Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse (German Stock Exchange), and several of Europe's most important banks have their headquarters in Frankfurt.

If you are interested in going on an exchange program to the Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main University of Applied Sciences (Fh-Frankfurt) click here.

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UNO ISEP Exchange

Students who wish to go to Fachhochschule Frankfurt (Fh-Frankfurt) for one semester or for a full academic year may do so via the UNO International Student Exchange Program (ISEP). Students must first apply and be accepted by UNO's ISEP program before applying to Fh-Frankfurt. See the Outgoing Students page for information on applying.

Once a student is accepted to UNO's ISEP program they may proceed by applying to Fh-Frankfurt. An outline of the Fh-Frankfurt application process can be found here. Fh-Frankfurt offers a variety of subjects taught in English such as architecture, computer science, engineering, management as well as in health and social sciences. Click here for a list of courses offered.

The exchange agreement between UNO and Fh-Frankfurt allows students to pay tuition at their home institution, thus keeping an active status while in their degree program. This means students may continue to receive most types of financial aid, as well as transfer credit back to UNO and continue in a degree program while gaining the benefit of a major experience abroad. All travel and living expenses are the responsibility of each student. UNO students in Frankfurt must also pay a special semester fee (€300/semester). The semester fee is for on-campus services and includes a "Semesterticket" which is a pass for all public transportation in the state of Hessen, including rail service within the state of Hessen.


There is no on-campus housing at Fachhochschule Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. Students are responsible for making their own living arrangements while in Frankfurt and the cost of these arrangements are borne solely by the student on the exchange. However, the FFU-AS International Office can provide assistance to incoming exchange students in finding student housing.

Prices range from 250-400 Euros per month. "Studentenwerk", the German sudent's support institution, can also help in providing private or semi-private housing options for exchange students. The housing application can be found at Studentenwerk Frankfurt.



Hessen International Summer University

Fh-Frankfurt is one of the five participating schools in the Hessen International Summer University (ISU). ISU is a summer study abroad program which offers students a choice of seminars focused on business, and government in the European Union, and intercultural communications. The ISU program includes an intensive German language course, choice of four seminars, an evening cultural program, field trips, and optional overnight excursions (an additional charge). The program fee includes tuition, accommodation, meal subsidy, and study materials. Travel expenses, personal spending money, additional meals, and overnight excursions are not included in the fee. UNO students who participate in ISU at Frankfurt can have credit for ISU seminars transferred back to UNO. Standard UNO rules for transfer credit will apply. Please see the UNO ISEP staff for more details.

For details about Frankfurt ISU, please click here

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