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Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU), Cottbus

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The Brandenburg University of Technology inCottbus (BTU) is a young and progressive institution. Founded in 1991, it provides training for scientists, engineers, architects, as well as for urban and regional planners. It fosters on a close connection between teaching and research with the aim of educating a well-rounded engineer and a technically oriented scientist.

BTU's student population of approximately 5,000 offers an excellent student to lecturer ratio, providing ideal conditions for successful studies. BTU also ranks as one of the most international universities in Germany, with 25% of its students originating from more than 78 nations and cultures.

The town of Cottbus is situated in the eastern part of Germany, and campus is a five minutes walk to its main commercial centre. It is a beautiful green city laced with chains of parks and landscaped gardens, promenades and tree-lined avenues. It's also ideally situated for weekend excursions and day trips, being equal distances from the German capital of Berlin as well as the famous city of Dresden. Poland and the Czech Republic are also just around the corner!

International Exchange students may attend one semester or a full academic year abroad. The deadline to apply is December 31 for the summer semester, and June 30 for the winter semester. The summer semester starts March 31 and ends July 8. (Please keep in mind that the German academic calendar does not coincide with that of UNO, so those students wishing to study abroad for only one semester may find it beneficial to attend the "summer" semester at BTU).

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UNO ISEP Exchange: The exchange agreement between UNO and BTU allows students to pay UNO tuition but they must pay for BTU housing via Studentenwerk-Frankfurt-Oder. These 7 residence halls are located on and around campus, and offer private and shared facilities alike, ranging from 150-250 Euros/month. More information on availability and the type of housing offered, as well as application forms, can be found here.

In addition to UNO tuition, students pay BTU's regular semester fee. This is a seperate fee paid directly to BTU which provides for access to the internet as well as a rail pass, good throughout all of Brandenberg, Berlin and Dresden.


Courses: There are four different English programs at BTU to choose from:
Note: undergraduate students with a sufficient number of hours may take courses in BTU Masters programs. Please consult with Program coordinators at BTU for permission to take graduate courses.



You can read more about BTU at the link below:

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